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Pradeep Bahl,   Director of Technical Strategy, Architecture, Design, and Development

Pradeep Bahl has 27+ years of Industry experience in the high tech industry. He has architected, designed, and implemented many services and protocols in the Networking, Communications, Security, and Operating System areas. He has headed architecture, development, testing, and program management teams as Product Unit Manager and later as a Senior Architect in Windows Networking and Communications and Windows Security areas. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of the technology products, landscape, and trends in the Industry.

Pradeep worked at Microsoft for 17+ years where he designed and developed the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) being used in many Fortune 500 companies, designed and developed several other networking services, protocols, and technologies, and was responsible for leading his team in architecting, designing, and developing almost all technology components in Windows Networking and Communications. He also architected and delivered several security protection services in Windows Security and developed the networking subsystem for a new Operating System for Microsoft. During his time at Microsoft, Pradeep contributed designs and code to almost every version of Windows for both client and server platforms. He interacted with various customers, companies, and industry leaders, and did deep competitive analysis of technologies and services being incorporated into Windows. He wrote several technical and strategy think papers for Bill Gates and other senior executives and took part in many architecture and technical strategy sessions with senior executives, technical fellows, and senior researchers. This led to much innovation and the development of several cutting edge advancements in Windows.  

Prior to Microsoft, Pradeep worked at Digital Equipment Corporation where he developed the networking subsystem for distributed database system called RdbStar. Before that he worked at Racal Milgo, Inc. where he developed the software for a sophisticated network management system.  Pradeep has also worked in the Center for Applied Research in Electronics, IIT Delhi, India where he developed the hardware and software for beam forming in Sonar systems.
Pradeep has a M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Buffalo and an MBA in International Business from University of Miami. He has a B.S. in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi, India

Pradeep has 48 patents in Networking, Communications, Wireless, Mobility, Security, and other areas.

Mak Agashe,  Director of Product Strategy, Engineering excellence, and Tools

Mak Agashe has 18+ years of industry experience in Microsoft heading teams in Software development and testing, Serviceability, Engineering excellence, and Cloud services. He has a broad and deep understanding of various technologies, products, and trends in the computer industry and expertise in evaluating and implementing projects.

Mak started his career working on the build system for first version of Windows NT. Mak designed and implemented parallel processing support in the build system.   Mak worked on the core parts of the operating system developing tools and tests to improve the quality of kernel, file systems, cache manager and memory manager.   Later Mak took on management roles and was responsible for quality of all base operating system components including kernel, filesystems, storage, clustering and device drivers.  After his long stint in the development of 5 Windows releases, he transitioned to heading the Windows Serviceability team where he was leading a team of 1300+ engineers in 3 countries for several years. During these years Mak’s team developed OS updater and compression technology that is used to distribute security updates to hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Mak managed engineering teams with budgets of over $100M. He and his team delivered operational efficiencies of 15+% over multiple years by doing much innovation in engineering systems, tools, and delivery technologies for Windows updates.  Mak’s team received several awards and patents for their work in OS updater, compression, test targeting techniques and software/hardware automation. Mak groomed strong leaders some of whom hold Partner/Director level positions at Microsoft.  Mak also headed the quality and engineering tools team for Developer products and the infrastructure quality and service hardening teams in Bing.  Mak was part of the team that released the first version of Bing search engine and helped to substantially improve its quality and availability.  Mak was a General Manager and Partner in Microsoft for 9+ years.  During this time, he interacted extensively with senior executives in devising and implementing technical strategy in various areas that he was leading.

Mak has a M.S. in Computer Engineering from Dartmouth College, NH, USA and a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay, India.

Pramak has a development center in Seattle, U.S.A. and offshore development center resources in Mumbai, India.