Pramak, A High-Tech Consulting and Software Services Company
Knowledge and Experience working for you
Devise the right strategy for growth

Pramak helps devise the right product strategy for its clients.  These strategies and the technological solutions they encompass are tuned to the needs of a business, helping it grow at an accelerated pace while ensuring that it meets the challenges of today and tomorrow in the most effective manner.   

Technical Strategy 

Services include

  • Technical evaluation: Determine which technology or set of technologies best meets your needs and why.

  • Competitive analysis: Provide an analysis of what the competition is using and why.

  • Trend analysis: Determine what the trend is and how best to leverage it. What is best tactically and what to do strategically.

  • Differentiation and innovation: Determine how best to develop and leverage a technology or set of technologies so that you can differentiate your product/service from the competition

  • Industry involvement: Provide recommendation on how to take best advantage of the ongoing standardization efforts in the Industry if pertinent to your situation and needs and/or how to benefit from specialization efforts

 Product Strategy 
Services include:
  • Product prototype:  Translate ideas into working code that you can show to your executives or investors

  • Engineering system: Setup platform, choose programming languages, tools and engineering processes

  • Product development: Scope product development plan, size engineering team, roles/responsibilities, outsourcing/insourcing of engineering work

  • Testing: Develop strategy, plan, and tools for testing and quality assurance

  • Customer validation: Validate product with customers and refine it before launch