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Pramak provides advisory services in Service Management, Security, Networking, and Operating Systems for both cloud and non-cloud environments. Pramak does the detailed architecture and design and oversees the actual implementation work in these areas if requested by its client. In some cases Pramak does the implementation itself through its own development staff if requested by the client.  This is on a case to case basis.

 Pramak employs the highest degree of engineering excellence in all its work.

Service Management 

             Services include:
  • Architecture:  Determine the right multi-tier architecture to enable load balancing, fault recovery, isolation, security, high performance, and lower deployment cost

  • Implementation:  Recommend a highly modular, stateless, self-protecting, self-adjusting implementation incorporating overload protection

  • Monitoring:  Ensure internal and external monitoring of services and underlying infrastructure for ensuring promised SLA

  • Manageability: Facilitate easy deployment and rollback, managing and tuning of applications

  • Testing:  Review and recommend the right unit, functional, reliability, scalability, performance, stress, and long-haul testing


Security and Compliance Services 

Services include:
  • Cloud architecture:  Design appropriate security architecture whether it be for IaaS, PaaS or SaaS or for on-premise deployment

  • Deployment model:  Determine the right mode - Private, Public, Community or Hybrid for meeting security and compliance requirements

  • Cloud provider:  Select suitable vendor that meets security and compliance as well as other requirements

  • Identity and Access Management:  Design easy, single sign-on user access to resources;use the right monitoring, alerting, logging, and reporting technologies and services

  • Content filtering and Leak prevention: Ensure filtering and/or encryption/decryption of data at rest, in memory, and in motion

  • Perimeter security: Design the right Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Proxy, and Network Access Service

  • Security Technologies:  Use authentication, integrity, confidentiality, and denial of service protection technologies and services for host and network

Services include:
  • Architecture and design:  Architecture and design of the network infrastructure and their interconnections for maximizing performance, elasticity, scalability, reliability, fault-tolerance, disaster recovery, and other aspects of networking

  • Security:  Ensure tight security for your network by leveraging  network security services and protocols in the most effective manner

  • Mobility: Design mobility solutions for your work force so that they can access the network securely and seamlessly from anyplace, anytime, and from any device

  • Wireless: Evaluate and recommend wireless strategy for ease of access, roaming, and seamless mobility, while maintaining tight security and staying cost-effective

  • Product evaluation:  Evaluate vendors' products and services and recommend the best for you for both the short-term and long term

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Operating Systems 
    Services include:
    • Architecture and design:  Architecture and design of the network and file system drivers, Protocols, Storage subsystem, Plug and Play, Power Management

    • Protection Services:  Use of the right access control framework, Firewall, Anti-malware, filter drivers, IP security, SSL

    • Plug and Play, Power Management: Design the plug and play and power management subsystems

    • Networking: Design of the networking subsystem including protocols such as TCP, IPv4, IPv6, sockets, service location, peer to peer networking, mobility and wireless drivers.

    • Storage:   Design of the file system drivers, storage subsystems, file system protocols