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Pramak projects have ranged from pure consulting engagements where Pramak staff has provided companies advise on technology products and services to full design and development services encompassing all stages of the engineering cycle such as planning, feature design, architecture, design, development, testing and deployment. The following are some notable projects that Pramak has serviced in the last few years. The standard time frame for a project can range from 6 weeks to 6 months or more, depending on the scope and complexity of work involved.

* Sensor code design for enabling Internet  of Things

Designed client code to run on an embedded system under severe memory constraint.  The client code sent data to a proxy service running on Windows Azure that filtered the data before sending it to a service running on Azure. The client code used the Proton library.

* Web site infrastructure  development for a retail site 
Developed a multi-tier retail site on Windows Azure for selling products  to school districts

* Federated Single Sign-on instrumentation for client applications  

Instrumented. tested and deployed applications using federated single sign-on using SAML, OAuth, and WCF based systems. 

* Conference Session Management System development 

Developed a cloud based" presenter - attendee" session managing software for a conference with real time streaming, updates, statistics, announcements and games.  Attendee number ranged from a few  to thousands.  

* Restaurant Management System development 
Built a restaurant management system for an upscale  restaurant.  This included customer management, reservation handling, capacity optimizing and sales

* Advertisement Platform for efficient ad. hosting and management 
Provided consulting services to a multi-national company to help the pitch for providing development, testing and deployment services to a Fortune 50 company

* Serviceability platform for on-premise and cloud services 
Provided consulting services to a multi-national company to help it pitch for providing Serviceability services for on-premise and cloud software to a Fortune 50 company

* Windows drivers reliability and performance improvements 

Provided Quality assurance services for kernel level drivers for Windows for ensuring reliability and high performance of kernel and application services

Sample customers

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