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Pramak provides technology consulting in the cloud computing space.  This covers advisory services in various areas of interest to a provider and/or a client of cloud computing.  The services include coverage of the fundamentals of cloud computing and of specialized areas of rapidly increasing importance for organizations using the cloud.  The fundamentals include Security, Service Management, Networking, and Operating Systems while specialized services are about making best use of Virtualization, using the right Hybrid computing model, and saving costs through smart deployments, architectures, and designs.  Pramak also provides consultation services in Engineering Excellence for organizations to help them achieve a high degree of proficiency and efficiency in their design, development, test, shipping, and support methodologies.

As part of its methodology, Pramak reviews the customer’s unique situation comprehensively and recommends changes that would lead to better return on investment and higher growth.  Though Pramak's services are primarily advisory, in some cases Pramak supervises or does the actual implementation itself.

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