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Business Consulting 

Pramak understands that there are companies that don't just want technical consultation but also want business consultation that includes business, market and/or competitive analysis and strategy, business modeling, business intelligence and analytics, go to market strategy, and other such services that go with these.  To provide its customers with a complete package, Pramak partners with reputed companies that provide such consultation.  Pramak has selected these companies on the basis of  their extensive experience, knowledge, expertise in their respective areas, and a stellar track record. Pramak oversees all work of its partners to ensure that it follows the highest standards of excellence. 

Finding and filling gaps in products and services 

Pramak knows that there are gaps in the solutions of cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, VMWare, RedHat, and others.  Such gaps might be in security, service management, access management, resiliency, or other such areas. Some Pramak clients might want one or more such gaps to be addressed properly before they consider the services of these providers. To provide compleat solutions to its clients Pramak is constantly evaluating the products and services of companies that fill such gaps. Pramak considers a particular solution worth consideration only if the company providing it has extensive experience and knowledge of not just the issues addressed by the solution but also of other aspects of IT operations and infrastructure that can possibly affect the solution's future direction.  In other words, the solution needs to be on a very solid foundation and viable for the long-term.  The company providing it must also have a good track record of serving its clients well.  Pramak recommends the products and services of these companies as part of a comprehensive technical or product strategy or as point solutions to specific problems faced by its clients.