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Pramak provides consultation in specialized areas of cloud computing that are becoming increasingly important for attaining efficiency, scalability, effective capacity utilization, and cost savings.   These consulting services cover aspects of cloud computing that organizations should understand and leverage appropriately as they grow their client base and geographical footprint.  These services enable organizations to apply the best of what cloud computing entails in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Pramak's specialized offerings

    Internet of Things 
o    Architecting and implementing the infrastructure for  management, control and communication with sensor endpoints

o    Ensuring effective client side performance under severe resource constraints

o    Enabling different kinds of communication  between devices and services keeping interoperability and security as paramount
   Distributed, federated systems 

o    Ensuring mobility, management, and security of systems when dealing with a diverse work force

o   Interoperable and appropriate use of single sign-on technologies like OAuth, SAML, and others

o   Development of both desktop, laptop and mobile applications for federate access 

     Virtualization Efficiencies 

o    Capacity and resource planning for maximizing utilization of physical resources and cutting unnecessary costs

o    Improved control over networks linking resources and boosting their performance

o    Security, isolation, privacy, and access control through smart use of compute, memory, networking, and storage

Hybrid computing 

o    Using the best mix of cloud computing deployments, technologies, and providers for maximum control, security, flexibility, and cost savings

o   Designing an architecture for the long term tuned to a business's needs, constraints, and strategic plans

o   A component based approach to building a model for growth, cost savings, and revenue growth

Please see overview paper on Hybrid Computing

   Cost efficient architectures and design 

o    Architecting and designing software and services for maximizing cost savings and boosting handling of fundamentals

o   Models for adoption that makes best use of existing choices and provides maximum benefit

o   Choosing the right strategies, vendors, and execution methodologies for the long haul