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Pramak provides strategy, management, technical consulting and software development services in various computing technology areas.  Pramak's services cover Applications, Web Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Federated Computing and Operating Systems.  Areas of specialization include  Hybrid Computing, VirtualizationCost Effective Architectures and Designs, Security and Compliance, Service Management, and Data Center Networking.  

Pramak enables senior executive and technical leaders of an organization, big or small, to tackle complex software challenges in ways that improve productivity, save costs, and help grow their organization faster. It  has expertise in implementing applications, services and systems  that optimize use of virtualization for enhancing capacity and lowering cost, in moving an organization to an appropriate hybrid computing model that helps an organization scale and cut cost without compromising on security, compliance and control, and in developing efficient architectures and designs that are for the long haul providing an improved return on investment.
With Pramak's experience and expertise in technology areas and industry working for them, organizations are able to make the right technology, product and business decisions.

Pramak consultants have a broad and deep understanding of technology and industry trends.  They have extensive experience and expertise in architecture, design, development, testing, and shipping of software and services.   They employ time tested and well honed engineering practices.   

Pramak has a network of  trusted partners with rich experience and proven track records in doing business, market, and competitive analysis.  It uses their services if a client wants a soup to nuts complete solution covering both business and technology aspects. 

Pramak continually evaluates the latest product and service offerings of companies in the cloud computing space.  It is unbiased in its evaluations and recommendations of any company's products/services, keeping only the client's best interests in mind.  When working with its clients, Pramak provides a
complete solution that could use the products and services of more than one company if such a solution fits the needs of its client the best.

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