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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Pramak over another consulting company?

Pramak's founders have designed products, services, and technologies that are being used in most Fortune 500 companies.  They have extensive experience in planning, devising strategy, implementing, and servicing high quality products.  Pramak applies deep thought, hard earned expertise, and extensive experience to whatever job it takes. It is not satisfied with doing a better than average job but wants each project to be the best that is possible.  While engineering excellence is a hallmark of each accomplishment, so are innovation and creativity.  Most of all, Pramak brings single minded dedication to each project to ensure that the customer's interests and constrains are paramount.  Pramak's founders are responsible for quality and the end result.  So, they ensure that all efforts follow the highest standards of excellence set by them.    

How will Pramak help me optimize my ROI?

Pramak is looking for ways to optimize ROI which escape the eye unless one is deeply into the technologies involved, the ever expanding landscape, and the offerings available or expected in the market.  Every product and service  offering in the market  provides an opportunity to improvise on efficiency, productivity, and  savings if one knows how to tweak the technologies involved  and use the right processes, methodologies, and toolset to leverage the same effectively.   Combine this with the opportunity to pick and choose out of the various alternatives available (if the customer is open to doing it), provides Pramak opportunities to make tremendous improvements to the status quo that the customer may be living with in terms of efficiency, productivity, growth prospects, costs, and so ultimately the ROI

We have smart architects and developers in house?  Why should we go with Pramak for architecture, design, and development services?

Pramak totally agrees that there are smart, intelligent, and hard working architects and developers all around.  However Pramak brings much experience and a hard to beat track record in devising innovative, creative, and ultimately breakthrough solutions to complex and hard problems.  Combine that with an extensive awareness and knowledge of technologies, products, and services, not to mention an extensive network of excellent resources to dip into when needed, makes for a winning combination.

Does Pramak do actual implementation/development?

Yes. Though Pramak's services are primarily advisory and consultative, it can do the entire design, development , testing and deployment of a project if needed. .

How does Pramak handle development work?

Pramak has development resources in-house.  Pramak also has a virtual team of very good developers in the Seattle area.  These developers  have extensive experience with various technologies, products, and services  as a result of their work for top Fortune 100 companies. Pramak has chosen these developers using a highly selective process.  Pramak founders have worked with many of these developers in the past and therefore know and trust  them to do a great job.  Pramak also has  architects, designers, and developers outside of the Seattle area, in the U.S. and overseas.  These designers and developers have been thoroughly vetted by Pramak and are experts in their respective areas.  Pramak uses the best resources possible for any particular job.  Regardless of which set of developers is chosen to do the job, it is always overseen and guided closely by the Founders and their in-house staff.

What services and/or products  have the founders designed that are being used in the Industry?

Pramak's founders  have architected, designed, implemented, and serviced numerous services, technologies, tools, and frameworks that are in heavy use in almost all Fortune 500 companies.  These are also being used by numerous small and mid sized enterprises and businesses.  These include an Azure based retail site for selling technology products, Client software for sensors communicating with Azure Services, Windows Internet Name Service, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol client and service code, TCP/IP protocol code improvements, .Net Service code, and many more,

Who is your typical client?

Pramak's clients cover the gamut from small businesses to large enterprises, from feshly minted startups  to well-established companies that have been in business for decades, from consumers of cloud services to providers of the same, from companies that want just advisory services and development of technical/product strategy to those that want existing and new applications/services to make use of the cloud or on-premise deployment in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  Pramak's preferred customer is one that wants to leapfrog the competition through a long term strategy.  While working on the long-term strategy, Pramak provides tactical guidance for the short-term to ensure that the customer's immediate growth and ROI do not take a backseat..