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Pramak provides a high energy and stimulating environment for making significant breakthroughs in technology and services for the benefit of its clients.  Pramak is always interested in people that are passionate about technology and services, knowledgeable in their technology or business areas, innovative and creative in their approach, committed to excellence, and desirous of making a significant impact for their clients.  If you are one such individual and fall in any of the categories below, pls. get in touch with us at


We are looking for smart developers with proven track record of academic and professional success who want to be at the leading edge of technology, developing architectures, designs, and software that will make the best use of the latest products, services, and technologies to produce innovative solutions for hard problems.  The developers will develop smart algorithms and practical solutions to help customers make the best use of cloud and non-cloud deployments.

The candidate must have a bachelors degree in Computer Science/Engineering or related discipline and 3+ years experience developing application or kernel software on Windows or UNIX or an Open Source platform.  The candidate must possess good architecture and design skills, a proficiency of CS fundamentals and concepts, and very good programming skills in at least one object oriented language such as Java, C#, C++, etc.



We are looking for consultants with deep expertise in one or more cloud platforms such as Amazon's AWS/EBS, Microsoft's Windows Azure,  Google's AppEngine, VMWare's Cloud Foundary, Rackspace's OpenStack, RedHat's OpenShift, etc and/or doing Business Intelligence and analytics.  The consultant will be part of a dynamic team that will work with customers to develop technical and business strategies, devise solutions to customer issues.  He/She will work closely with developers to produce good architectures, designs, and software in order to resolve customers' immediate problems and needs and to position them for success in the long-term. 

The candidate must have a college degree, preferably a masters degree, in Computer Science/Engineering/Information Technology or related discipline and 10+ years experience in Industry in either a developer/Program Management/Consulting Services role.  The person must exhibit a deep understanding of cloud platforms, on-premise deployments, and of the latest technologies that are changing the landscape of computing.



We want interns who will write software using the leading edge platforms and technologies for immediate use in the real world.  The candidate must have good design and programming skills, a good foundation is OS fundamentals, a passion for technology, and the ability to learn quickly.  The candidate must know at least one of these languages - C++, Java, C#, Python, or Ruby and must be enrolled or have completed an undergraduate program in Computer Science/Engineering or an equivalent discipline.


If you are interested in working in an extremely stimulating and empowering environment, where creativity, innovation, leadership, and hard work is amply rewarded, please send your resume to