Pramak, A High-Tech Consulting and Software Services Company
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Pramak provides consultation on architecture, design, development, and engineering excellence services in both specialized and fundamental areas of cloud computing.  Pramak  does detailed architectures and designs for its clients if needed.  It advises clients on how to get the development  work done.  In some cases, it oversees the development work done by its clients, in other cases, it does the development work through its own staff.  

Pramak employs the highest standards of excellence in all work that it does or oversees. 

Architecture, Design, and Development  
These encompass the following:
  • Model, Type, Structure:  Use the right architectural model - client-server, multi-tier, peer to peer, mesh, map-reduce, others, effective utilization of cores, use of correct language, design of efficient data structures, and asynchronous modeling for maximizing performance, scalability, and other aspects

  • Elasticity, Scalability, and Extensibility: Enable to scale up and down based on workload with optimal usage of compute resources, and ensure ease of extensions

  • Security:  Ensure that the design is secure and meets Industry norms as well as your particular requirements

  • Cost: Optimize architecture and design to make best use of steady state and volatile operations in order to reduce overall cost

  • Manageability and Serviceability: Deploy, run and operate your service with ease, speed, and flexibility

  • Diagnosability:  Easily diagnose problems and minimize downtime

  • Usability: Easy to use for end users and operations folks

Engineering Excellence 
These encompass the following:
  • Engineering system:  Ensure that the right development methodology and processes are being followed, review source code control, development and test tools, recommend products/services deployed internally or in the cloud that improve productivity and information gathering, review metrics and recommend improvements for timeliness, quality, productivity, and project predictability 

  • Development: Review architecture, design, and code for correct engineering practices, develop procedures and recommend right set of tools for developing, integrating, and building code, ensure use of appropriate development specific standards.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance:  Review test and quality assurance framework, review test procedures and use of metrics for evaluating fundamentals, ensure the use of appropriate tests for various scenarios and enable optimization of effort across various platforms

  • Serviceability: Review designs to ensure they are serviceable, develop a good framework and policies for incident monitoring, tracking and follow-up

  • Release: Develop methodology for ensuring all release procedures are checked off and followed properly, ensure bug bashes are handled efficiently

  • Support:  Develop framework for ensuring multi-tier support structure and collaboration between different teams for maximizing efficiency and minimizing down-time.