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Pramak loads up on experience and expertise
Pramak is using highly respected advisers in technology and affiliated areas to guide it to unfettered success in serving its customers in the best possible manner.  These advisers cover areas that include software architecture, design, development, company laws, Intellectual property, business, and others.  Between them, these advisers have decades of experience handling the above areas for top Fortune 100 companies.

Our list of advisers is given below

Lou Perrazoli

Lou is a very well-known and respected authority in operating systems and related technology areas.  He along with Dave Cutler and a core team of architects was responsible for much of the architecture and implementation of the first version of Windows NT. This work has carried forth to this day even after numerous releases of Windows.  Highly respected at Microsoft and outside, Lou was promoted to a Distinguished Engineer in 2000.

 Lou started his professional career after getting a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics from Virgina Tech (class of ’73). From 1975-1988, Lou was in Digital Equipment Corporation where he worked on operating system design and at the NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center where he did engineering design support on satellite telemetry and data.  Lou joined Microsoft in 1988 as part of the core team of architects and developers from Digital to take on the giant task of developing Windows NT.  At Microsoft, Lou architected and built many foundational components of Windows NT kernel and led the Core/OS team during the first five releases of Windows NT.  During Windows 2000, Lou, as General Manager of the Core OS group was leading 400+ engineers, program managers, testers and the performance group.  After his promotion to Distinguished Engineer in 2000, Lou moved to new responsibilities that included consulting on architectures for embedded systems and web clusters.  While at Microsoft, Lou hired, mentored, and led many smart people that are now in top technical and management positions at Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies

Since leaving Microsoft, Lou has advised several startups dealing with various technology areas, products and services.  He also built a sophisticated home automation system using various technologies and products to control every aspect of his home.

Lou is currently consulting on several Windows based projects including Windows 7, Windows 7 Phone and the upcoming Windows 8 release, as well as on Cloud computing.   When not working or toying around with technologies, Lou likes to travel, do nature photography, and spend time with old colleagues. 

Rudy Gadre

Rudy is a well-known figure in legal and technology circles, and was part of the core teams at Amazon and Facebook that were instrumental in making these companies the multi-billion dollar corporations they are today.

Rudy started his career as an associate in the technology/business group of Perkins Coie from 1994-1999, during which time he handled legal matters for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 clients, including the multi-billion dollar "Universal Studios Japan" and "Universal Studios: Port Aventura" theme park projects for Universal Studios' Recreation Group.  In 1999 he joined as its 4th lawyer, where he was the principal legal negotiator for Amazon's most significant strategic alliances and joint ventures. As part of his responsibilities, Rudy oversaw the company's development and licensing of patents and other intellectual property, and was responsible for all legal aspects of Amazon's new technology initiatives. During this time, he was recognized as a "Super Lawyer" by Washington Law and Politics Magazine in 2003 and 2004. Rudy left Amazon in May 2005, and after a short stint as a principal at Beacon Law Advisors, moved to Palo Alto in December 2005 to become Facebook's general counsel and 46th employee.  At Facebook, Rudy was responsible for all of the company's legal matters, including several well-publicized litigations and Facebook's landmark deals with Microsoft in 2006 and 2007. 

After the birth of his first son in 2008, Rudy returned to Seattle and took on the role of VP, Business Operations at an Internet startup, Evri Inc., which he left in July 2010. Rudy is a native of Seattle and an alumnus of Seattle Country Day School and University Prep. His undergraduate degree is in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College (class of 1991), and his law degree is from the University of Washington School (class of 1994). Rudy is an active angel investor in local technology companies and also serves on the Board of Trustees of Seattle Country Day School.