Pramak, A High-Tech Consulting and Software Services Company
Knowledge and Experience working for you
Soar high with Pramak

Pramak was started by Hi-Tech industry veterans each with more than two decades of experience and proficiency in multiple technology areas and products. Pramak's founders were instrumental in devising technical and product strategies in various technology areas in their previous leadership positions in Microsoft and other companies and in influencing important industry standards such as those in networking, wireless, security, and serviceability areas.  They have delivered numerous technologies in Windows clients and servers as well as other important products and have worked extensively with back-end and large on-line services.  They have interacted and collaborated with many large and small organizations to help define and lead Industry initiatives, and have provided much breakthrough innovation in the systems they have worked on.

 Pramak's Vision:
To usher in a new era of computing and communication for its clients
that enhances their productivity, growth, and cost savings

        Pramak's Values:
  • Exceptional quality work
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Unbiased customer focused research and recommendations
  • On-time delivery
  • Excellent customer service
  • Integrity and honesty
What does  Pramak mean?

The word Pramak is comprised of "Prama" a Sanskrit word meaning knowledge and the letter "K" which is the first letter of the word "Knowledge".  Together it connotes Knowledge squared or K2Pramak believes that knowledge when pooled and shared grows exponentially.